Who is AG anyway?

Deborah L. Alten is editor extraordinaire and major-league lap swimmer. If it is filled with water or has words in it Debby is our girl. We count on her to break it down for us. She's the guru when it comes to making sure that everything that we print is grammatically correct. editing for publication. She has this thing about grammar, spelling and punctuation. She's the girl with the red pen...be nice to her!

Deborah is quite the writer as well. Check out her books here, and watch a wide collection of fun videos on her YouTube channel here.

Ginger M. Galloway has an eye for design and layout. She's always playing around with those graphics programs getting everything to look just so. With an artist's eye, she knows if it needs to be lined up or if it's out of alignment. She's the gal with the ruler and eraser, and at times we catch her with colored markers, pencils, and paint. With a house full of kids, a hubby and a hundred hobbies we think she has her own personal crew of elves!

Ginger does her share of writing (fiction, poetry, plays...). You can check out Ginger's books here and see what she blogs about here.

~~Both Debby and Ginger are writing coaches. 

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