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Psalms for Brides: A Study in Drawing Near
Author: Glenda Hotton
One of the axioms of life is you can’t change another person, you can’t control another person, you can only change and  control self. This is a challenging hard concept.  Glenda Hotton hopes to encourage the reader toward a joy that comes from obeying God no matter what. She draws from her own marriage experience to inspire and guide her readers into a fulfilling marriage.

Sticks, Stones, and Labels 
Author: Bonnie Spang
An endearing memoir of a young girl suffering from mental illness and learning disabilities; tormented by bullies and a victim of abuse. This is a story about overcoming life's challenges and receiving the joy that comes from knowing the Christ.


Color! A Coloring Book of Affirmations for the Woman's Heart
Author: Deborah L. Alten
Illustrator: Ginger M. Galloway
Enjoy this coloring book that is uniquely yours. Seated in Proverbs 31:10-31, Color! is much more than a coloring book. Each illustrated page represents a verse that identifies the Proverbs 31 Woman and the paired affirmation let's you feel the love and esteem that God has for you. You are perfectly awesome!


Little Lamb by Bonnie Spang, illustrated by Ginger M. Galloway
Little Lamb is a sweet tale about a disabled lamb who just wants to make friends. Go with Little Lamb on an adventure around the farm to find friendship.


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